haterSomeone recently asked me my opinion about a certain band. What band it was doesn’t matter. I was asked about band, band is a group of musicians that make music I don’t particularly care for, and I gave a detailed answer, that included the phrase “I don’t think they are doing anything that is memorable.”
They are in fact talented, being able to construct words into lyrics, and chords into song, but the songs they make leave no lasting impression on me. No offense, but I can’t take or leave you. I don’t like your music.
Then I was called a “Hater.” For giving an opinion I was asked for.
I for one am glad I don’t live in a world where I like everything. That would be boring.


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Dad, writer, critic, fan, humorist, concerned citizen.
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2 Responses to Haters

  1. Pastor Tim says:

    I concur! For some reason, people assume that ALL bands are equally loveable, but there’s only so much space in my soul and not every single band makes the cut. Your comment to that person wasn’t dismissive, but we’re living in a time when absolute agreement is often sought as a way of creating (false) community: “I can only be your friend if you agree with everything I believe in and like everything that I like.” That’s not community, that’s narcissism.

  2. We live in a hyper-sensitive world. It’s okay for me to not like something. I respect the art, but I don’t have to buy it.

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