My world at times is full of dumbasses

At some point prior to October 5th, 1969 my parents decided to name their second son, me, if a male, Bryant. It’s a great name. There’s not many of us aside from myself and Bryant Gumbel. B-R-Y-A-N-T. Bryant. Not “Brian.” That’s someone totally different.
Yet most of the people I don’t know that I deal with electronically, people that see my yahoo email address (which is or signature on my work email, which could be musicians, radio producers, or Amy Goodman, call me “Brian.” As in, they get an email from me that says it came from someone named “Bryant” they still respond “Brian.” Even though I sign my emails “Bryant” because that is my name. Do these idiots do the same with the name “Mike” and respond to “Mort?” Or call “Steve” something like “Stan?” It’s not like I tell them my name – its spelled out for these fools.
So in short, many of the people I interact with electronically are complete idiots, so absorbed in their own cause they can’t see that they are typing a different name to respond to me, Mike or Steve. That my friends, is why my world, at times, is full of dumbasses.

I could have just made this a useless facebook post to add to the complaints about traffic or the food service industry, but I wanted to drive some people to coffeesick.

Love, Bryant.


About bryantliggett

Dad, writer, critic, fan, humorist, concerned citizen.
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3 Responses to My world at times is full of dumbasses

  1. Chap says:

    Hear ya loud and clear. When people botch my name I respond, “Ms. Hell, it makes a hall of a difference.”

  2. Chap, I will try that!

  3. DinomanDingo says:

    Maybe you should capitalize the T or change your name to Brytano…you know, like famous people do.

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