Wreck Your Life

wreck your life

2013 is going to end soon. Media outlets at this moment are compiling, printing and posting their “best records of 2013” lists for the year. Many of those lists will be similar to each other; Queens of the Stone Age deserves to be on there. For reasons unbeknownst to me The Vampire Weekend is loved, and I remain baffled at America’s love with Kanye. My list will closer reflect Pitchforks. Maybe.

Enough of 2013. Every so often its important to be reminded of great records that came out before 2013. In this case 1996. That was the year Bloodshot Records released “Wreck Your Life” by a rock band called The Old 97’s. That was the record that resulted in this Texas Quartet gaining a lot of fans. The third cut “Doreen,” which is also on their first record albeit a different, acoustic version, was the selling point for many, including me. I’m not sure if there is a bad cut on the record; its chock-full of lyrical heartbreak and hooks with some tasty covers.

I’m tired of writing this now. The only reason I started writing this is because I wanted to listen to “Wreck Your Life.” Just get the damned record. I think Bloodshot reissued this on vinyl with all the extra tracks that Bloodshot put out a few years after they released “Wreck Your Life” called “Early Tracks.”

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The most important things you can ever teach your kid is to teach them how to-

-acknowledge that they made a mistake
-admit they are wrong
-fix the problem.

I know many adults whose parents failed at this mission. The children, now adults suffer. As do the people they associate with.

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This Blog Sucks

I just wrote a nice piece filled with lots of humor, all about me having a sucky blog.
Then I tried to insert a picture and the whole thing fell apart. Disappeared.
Sorry, it was funny. Here’s the picture.
mal and giraffe from paige

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Coffeesick is for you

a good one

Coffeesick is a blog I created years ago. I created it so I can write about stuff. Oddly enough, I don’t keep up on it as much as I would like. I get busy being a Dad, or working my other jobs. But if I had my way, I’d put something on Coffeesick every night.
Coffeesick can be a place to post ridiculous, awesome photos that your friend Carson took. Then you can plug “Red Scarf Shots” and say you’d be an idiot not to have her photograph you, your kid, or your event.
Coffeesick can be a place where I say pictures of your dinner put on facebook aren’t the least bit interesting.
Coffeesick can feature a review of the new Clutch record, and say its the strongest release from this Maryland rock band in years.
Coffeesick can be about that guy that brags about his cocaine habit.
Coffeesick can be about how much I like certain mountain bike trails, or how much I want to take my kid on a vacation out of the country.
Coffeesick can be critical. I know most people like to read positive things, but Frederick Douglass and Edward Abbey had a few critical things to say. God damn, even Judy Blume did. Reading that’s okay too, right? Not everything can be super uplifting and positive, like some X’d out kids review of the last Sound Tribe Sector Nine show? The band may have said they sucked that night, but not to that kid on one too many goofballs.
Coffeesick can mention, again, about how awesome Devin Davis’s CD is.
Coffeesick can be about how every time someone tells me they’ll quit smoking I know they are lying. Keep trying, I am pulling for you. I hear quitting smoking is hard.
Coffeesick is about sarcasm, and all its misunderstood excellence.
Coffeesick is also a chance for me to rag on myself. I’m 43 years old, not in the best shape as I would like to be, and piss poor. Hey, that’s okay. My kid will be okay with student loans, a used car and me. I also have enough holes in my theories and beliefs to drive Snowmans truck through.
Coffeesick can be about Smokey and the Bandit. What a film.
Coffeesick can be about me saying that I’m a good Dad.
Coffeesick can also be about me, bragging, that I have great taste in music.
Coffeesick can also be about me wishing more people bought records.
Coffeesick can also be about me wishing more cyclists obeyed the traffic laws automobiles have to obey, and how i wish the police wrote more tickets to those cyclists.
Coffeesick can be a critical, thoughtful, in depth, wordy blog about all that is right in the world. My kid is healthy, so is her Dad. The weather is awesome, music is great and my parents are two kick ass people.
Coffeesick can be a critical, thoughtful, in depth, wordy blog about how racists suck, homophobic people need a serious ass kicking, and politicians are some of the most self serving, egotistical asshats around, no matter what side they are on.
Coffeesick can be a blog where I praise J. Mascis and John Hartford for being equally awesome at the styles of music they chose to create.
Coffeesick can be a blog where I complain about Darius Rucker.
Coffeesick can be a blog where I say “I love puppies and rainbows.”
Coffeesick can be a blog where I wonder why some of the christians I know are so intolerant.
Coffeesick can be a blog where I say “I don’t like nazi’s.” I hate nazi’s. What a bunch of dicks those people were, and are.
Coffeesick can be about questioning god, religion, politics, and everything that comes with being labeled “liberal” or “conservative.”
Coffeesick is about KIX.
Coffeesick can be an exercise in praise of all things awesome, while it also can be an exercise in all things sucky. The internet is “awesome.” The internet is “sucky.”
While we’re at it, Earthrocker by Clutch, the Maryland rock band, is awesome. Get it.

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haterSomeone recently asked me my opinion about a certain band. What band it was doesn’t matter. I was asked about band, band is a group of musicians that make music I don’t particularly care for, and I gave a detailed answer, that included the phrase “I don’t think they are doing anything that is memorable.”
They are in fact talented, being able to construct words into lyrics, and chords into song, but the songs they make leave no lasting impression on me. No offense, but I can’t take or leave you. I don’t like your music.
Then I was called a “Hater.” For giving an opinion I was asked for.
I for one am glad I don’t live in a world where I like everything. That would be boring.

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My world at times is full of dumbasses

At some point prior to October 5th, 1969 my parents decided to name their second son, me, if a male, Bryant. It’s a great name. There’s not many of us aside from myself and Bryant Gumbel. B-R-Y-A-N-T. Bryant. Not “Brian.” That’s someone totally different.
Yet most of the people I don’t know that I deal with electronically, people that see my yahoo email address (which is bryantliggett@yahoo.com) or signature on my work email, which could be musicians, radio producers, or Amy Goodman, call me “Brian.” As in, they get an email from me that says it came from someone named “Bryant” they still respond “Brian.” Even though I sign my emails “Bryant” because that is my name. Do these idiots do the same with the name “Mike” and respond to “Mort?” Or call “Steve” something like “Stan?” It’s not like I tell them my name – its spelled out for these fools.
So in short, many of the people I interact with electronically are complete idiots, so absorbed in their own cause they can’t see that they are typing a different name to respond to me, Mike or Steve. That my friends, is why my world, at times, is full of dumbasses.

I could have just made this a useless facebook post to add to the complaints about traffic or the food service industry, but I wanted to drive some people to coffeesick.

Love, Bryant.

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30 Second Record Review

New music is swell, here’s your text version of buying a record based on cover art. The less than 100 word record review.

Its February. Here are my two favorite records of 2013 so far.
Yo La Tengo- Fade. This is wonderful; I love it – here’s where a lot of critics may flood you with a bunch of bloated language about the record – but I’ll just say I love it because it sounds good and takes my mind of other random things.
The Uknown Mortal Orchestra- II. This record hasn’t gotten the greatest listen from me. I just put it on a second ago and I liked their last record.

That other is 7 Seconds. Still fun to listen to a record you’ve had for 30 years or so.

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