Wreck Your Life

wreck your life

2013 is going to end soon. Media outlets at this moment are compiling, printing and posting their “best records of 2013” lists for the year. Many of those lists will be similar to each other; Queens of the Stone Age deserves to be on there. For reasons unbeknownst to me The Vampire Weekend is loved, and I remain baffled at America’s love with Kanye. My list will closer reflect Pitchforks. Maybe.

Enough of 2013. Every so often its important to be reminded of great records that came out before 2013. In this case 1996. That was the year Bloodshot Records released “Wreck Your Life” by a rock band called The Old 97’s. That was the record that resulted in this Texas Quartet gaining a lot of fans. The third cut “Doreen,” which is also on their first record albeit a different, acoustic version, was the selling point for many, including me. I’m not sure if there is a bad cut on the record; its chock-full of lyrical heartbreak and hooks with some tasty covers.

I’m tired of writing this now. The only reason I started writing this is because I wanted to listen to “Wreck Your Life.” Just get the damned record. I think Bloodshot reissued this on vinyl with all the extra tracks that Bloodshot put out a few years after they released “Wreck Your Life” called “Early Tracks.”


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