30 Second Record Review

New music is swell, here’s your text version of buying a record based on cover art. The less than 100 word record review.

Its February. Here are my two favorite records of 2013 so far.
Yo La Tengo- Fade. This is wonderful; I love it – here’s where a lot of critics may flood you with a bunch of bloated language about the record – but I’ll just say I love it because it sounds good and takes my mind of other random things.
The Uknown Mortal Orchestra- II. This record hasn’t gotten the greatest listen from me. I just put it on a second ago and I liked their last record.

That other is 7 Seconds. Still fun to listen to a record you’ve had for 30 years or so.


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One Response to 30 Second Record Review

  1. Matt Kenna says:

    yeah UMO II is good so far- need to pkay more

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