Devin Davis Lonely People of the World Unite

“Lonely People of the World Unite” by Devin Davis will forever remain in my top 5 of favorite pieces of recorded music.

devin davis

It all began in 2005, when the world had a thing called “magazines.” These were booklets of varied length, that contained articles and advertisements that pertained to a particular subject, that one could either buy idividually at a store or news-stand, or you could subscribe to them. This meant you would pay a particular amount, and the United States Postal Service would deliver these “magazines” to you on a regular basis. Maybe once a month, or perhaps bi-monthly.

For the record, magazines in paper form are way cooler than magazines in web form. Flipping the pages, and jumping around from article to article for me is a much more entertaining and informative way of reading than pointing and clicking.

Back then my place of employment had a subscription to a magazine called The College Music Journal, or “CMJ” for short. This magazine is the periodical most great radio stations report to, sending in a weekly “most played” list that helps bands make the “most played” charts. Think American Top 40 but much cooler. It also contains loads of previews; if a band is written about in this rag it most likely is more than a release pushed toward the Jimmy Buffett crowd. One particular issue had a preview of something from a guy named Devin Davis. What struck me was the fact that is was this Chicago musicians debut, and it was recorded over a handful of years in the  studio where Davis worked. This labor intensive recording was put together mostly by the lone musician in the late hours, with Davis serving as band, producer and engineer. He’s credited with vocals, guitar, bass, drums, saxophone, organ, piano, percussion, theremin, trumpet, trombone, giant gong, writing, recording, and mixing between 2001 and 2003. That makes the record ten years old, although its release wouldn’t come until 2005.

Christ lets get to it. After reading about Davis in CMJ, the record came to KDUR. It instantly became a staff favorite. It’s combination of garage rock, stadium anthems, ballads, pop, and hook laden rock music playing like a rock opera has remained a staple in my collection. Two years after its release I found a copy of the CD on sale at Twist and Shout in Denver. The now out of print CD is priced anywhere between $30 and $70 on Amazon. I’d love to have it on vinyl. I don’t think that’s an option.

I can honestly say I listen to this record more than anything that has been on my year end favorites list since 2005.

Since its release Davis’s website has mentioned his sophomore effort due in 2007. Since 07 has come and gone that same website mentions his next release being done “by the holidays.” The ambiguous web presence leaves little information about Davis. No regular shows around Chicago, no appearances with other bands, and no mentions of when his next release will drop.

Many of you may say my review of this is nonsense, the record isn’t as good as “Rumours,” or I’m just some music snob with too much time on my hands. Fine. Dig on this if you want and if you’re over Mumford and Sons.

Click the image below to purchase and make your music collection WAY cooler.


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2 Responses to Devin Davis Lonely People of the World Unite

  1. Chap says:

    Kiss the radio station’s copy goodbye, Liggett.

    In seriousness, this is a desert island must-have for me. “Moon Over Shark City” is glamrock perfection.

  2. Chap you are so right. I’m an idiot. What have I done? Time to replace it with a burnt copy and put the original under lock and key. I agree about Moon Over Shark City, its fabulous. The opener is fabulous, the whole damn thing. Great record.

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